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Forgotten Felines Unisex V-Neck

Forgotten Felines Unisex V-Neck

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We have cats residing at the Adoption Centers located inside the Jones Valley PetSmart and the University Drive PetSmart Stores!  You can reach us at, find us on Facebook & Instagram, or our website!

Our primary mission is to manage the feral cat population in our area by trapping, neutering/spaying and returning (TNR) cats back into their original territories.  We also work to provide safe, temporary homes for cats that are homeless, unwanted, abandoned or lost. Some of our animals have been rescued from dangerous conditions and cannot be released back to their original territory.  All of the felines who come under our care are housed in foster homes until permanent, loving homes can be found.  The majority of these animals are friendly abandoned pets, that are not feral, and we prepare these loving and grateful animals for adoption with all needed medical care as well as socialization with people and other pets.  We average about 400 cats in our care during a year - new rescues, many adopted out (avg. 300/year), TNR’s, and some end up staying with us for the long-term…   For all scenarios, our first priority is to ensure that every cat passing through our hands has been spayed/neutered, tested & vaccinated.  The best way to help reduce the number of cats & kittens entering kill shelters, or living unwanted on the streets, is to work on controlling reproduction.  Our fundraisers are critical to helping our Rescue’s goal of reducing overpopulation. 

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